After a recent romp through some of Spain’s cities I have come to appreciate the coffee known as the Corto. It is basically espresso with warm or cold milk. It usually looks like a miniature cappuccino and tastes like a stronger version of one.

Espresso with Milk

Now back in Korea I decided to conduct one of my social-gastro experiments; try to order a Corto by asking for espresso with a little bit of milk and, of course, a polite smile on my face. Asking for a Corto when it’s not on the menu in a country where I do not speak the language is really asking for problems (que the car crash sound). In this case I was also greeted with a polite smile. A minute later, to my surprise, the coffee was presented well, in an espresso cup. I would have been shocked if the barista would have asked “hot or cold milk” but the thought did cross my mind as I received the miniature cup of coffee.

Espresso and Camera

My experiment was successful. The coffee? Well… A bit too bitter for my taste but still well made. Now I must do what I do and seek out places that have good espresso and ask, “espresso with a little bit of milk, chuseiyo. (Smile)