Once again I heard the sinister chuckle from friends after they say, “you must try” (fill in the blank). This time it was the Durian Mon Thong Sundae at Swensen’s. If you’ve never had, or even been near an open Durian, then be prepared, as you too may start snuffling around with a sneer for the point of origin of what many describe as a smell of rotting onions with old gym socks.

This “King of Fruits” , as Durian is called around Southeast Asia, is akin to Japan’s Natto, or the European Limburger Cheese. If you enjoy either of these two, then you will find the Mon Thong Sundae a light retreat in the smelly food scale.

Durian Ice Cream-1 Durian Ice Cream-2 Durian Ice Cream-3 Durian Ice Cream-4 Durian Ice Cream-5