Highway 1 Service Area Entry

Wife and I have started a new ritual for our driving, day trips. Rather than having breakfast at home before embarking on our trips we now hurriedly jump in the car and head for the nearest “Service Area”, along Highway 1. As we drive along, the internationally recognized fork and spoon icons display the upcoming relief to our grumbling stomachs. Today we stopped at the Juk Jeon Service Area.

View of eating area inside Service Area

As soon as we arrived we made a beeline to the food court and started grabbing stuff off the buffet line shelf. Juk Jeun has the newer, buffet style food courts. The traditional food courts have stations of different food types where you pick up your food after ordering at the central cashier.

Korean Sautéed Pork Sign

Today it’s Sautéed Pork at ₩2,500 (Won), less than $2.50 dollars per serving. Aside from the price, I was also surprised to see the item name in English, romanized Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

Korean Chicken Hot Pot

We also grabbed some Chicken Hot Pot.

Sautéed Pork

The pork glistened in its light, red pepper gravy adding more color to the caramelized onion mixed in. Spiciness was a level 3. The chicken was earthy, slightly sweet, but not as savory as the pork (hmmm, umami good).

Korean Greens

From the large variety of vegetables we chose the cold spinach in a light oil with minced spices, and the cold cucumber kimchee.

View of store, coffee and bakery shop inside Service Area

On our way out we quickly looked over the baked goods and headed back to the car.

Outside of Service Area building someone is purchasing Walnut Cake snacks.

Just outside the food court we were tempted by the walnut shaped cakes filled with sweet bean paste and, of course, walnut. Hmmmmm, maybe at the next service area, when we stop for coffee.