The day was cold with heaping snow mounds along the city’s sidewalks. To warm up and keep in time with our day’s activities we decided to take to the the tunnels.



The Sapporo Pedestrian Tunnels is a wide walkway that links to many of the central train stations. As you walk along you will find there are many places to shop, grab a snack, or try some great coffees and teas.



We had passed several coffee shops but the Delifrance Cafe made us stop short for their glass apparatuses intrigued us along with the coffee aroma that enveloped us as soon as we took a few steps closer. This was our introduction to siphon coffee.




The barista swiftly poured water into the lower carafe, then scooped the coffee into the top glass container, and turned on the small hotplate. What came next was reminiscent of the 70’s glass bird with the red fluid that siphons up and down its body making it tip over to seem as it was drinking water. In this case the coffee is forced up to mix with the coffee grounds with the help of a quick stir with a spoon. Once the hotplate is turned off the extract drops back down into the carafe, passing through a filter in the neck, as coffee.


Not only was the siphon coffee brewing method intriguing, it made a rich cup of my beloved pick-me-up. I was hooked.