Wife and I decided to try the soup dumplings from the internationally known, Taiwan based, Din Tai Fung restaurant. It is located on the seventh floor wing in the Lotte Mall next the Suwon subway station. For directions click here. Overall this was a refreshing treat reminiscent to the flavors we know from roaming New York City’s Chinatown, and even more so from Joe’s Shanghai on Pell St.

Our order was typical of any soup dumpling restaurant we visit: stir fried green beans, soup dumplings (usually the pork with crab in one) and today it was six pork and six crab dumplings, and an order of spicy shrimp and beef dumplings. A very important part of this experience is the small dish of ginger in soy sauce that is used for stuffing each soup dumpling. For us it’s a must. Instructions of this process are provided in the menu. Also, when you are seated you will get a hot pot of tea. This is typical and helps cleanse the palate.

The menu also contains other items that look interesting enough to go back and try, especially since it adds to the selection of commonly popular Korean inspired, Chinese food found around the peninsula. The Chinese soup dumpling is now getting attention in South Korea, and it should. If you go there let us know what you think. We would love to hear your comments.

Din Tai Fung 1

Din Tai Fung 2

Din Tai Fung 3

Din Tai Fung 4

Din Tai Fung 5

Din Tai Fung 6