Is Yong He Dou Jiang a diamond in the rough? Perhaps. My wife and I have not had the pleasure of visiting many Taiwanese restaurants in Bangkok….yet. However, this small eatery, with its basic furnishings and service, proved to be a delicious adventure. After patiently playing a little round-robin with wait staff to see who speaks enough English or Thai, we ordered four items off the menu. As this restaurant is in a good neighborhood of Bangkok we expected the servings be typically small, Thai portions at a higher price. Although the prices were not bad, the servings were bigger than expected. Needless to say, but I gotta say it, we left stuffed and happy with the lesson of ordering smarter next time. The nitty-gritty: The flavors were clean and well created. This is not cheap, street food in a shop. As far as we could tell, the restaurant is known for it’s soy drink and the soup dumplings – which we have loved all the way from Joe’s Shanghi in NYC’s Chinatown to Taipei’s multitude of choices. In summary, we really liked the food here and will return again. Luckily it’s not too far from us.

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