Yong Kang Beef Noodle restaurant is a popular place in Taipei with many people writing about it as the place to go for beef noodle soup. Wife and I are starting to realize that we are not big on the standard five spice flavors. We may have also been a bit unlucky with our bowl (shared) as it contained tough pieces of meat and spaghetti for noodles. Eh… Not really impressed. We tried not to show much emotion since we shared the three person table against a pillar with a young Korean tourist who spoke enough English that we all shared light conversation. I could tell by her subtle reaction that she was not impressed either – for this there was no language barrier.

Before calling this place “overstated” we decided to try something else. After flipping the menu over several times wife and I chose the steamed meat and rice – hoping for a winner. Okay, it was better than the soup but we were still not impressed enough to jump on the bandwagon of praise, especially after a long wait on the line. Just before getting up to pay we noticed a small dish of pork knuckle at another table. We looked at each other and said, “sure, why not”. When our knuckles arrived we picked at it to determine if the texture was too…anything. Nope, it was good – easy to bite and chew – and had a savory flavor. Finally, something that we liked here. So, our recommendation for Yong Kang Beef Noodle restaurant is not the noodle soup, but in fact, the pork knuckles. If you find something you like during your visit, please comment below.

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